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Championing the very best independent ceramic makers for over 60 years

Contemporary Ceramics gallery and shop exhibits the greatest collectable names in British ceramics along with the most up and coming artists of today. Our distinguished makers are all carefully selected members of the Craft Potters Association.

Meet Our Makers

All of our makers are members of the Craft Potters Association and each of them have a story to tell.

Rachel Grimshaw

Rachel Grimshaw’s sculptural ceramics are about the clay itself. Focusing on its pliable, immediate, qualities, Rachel likens her pieces to photographs capturing a ‘frozen moment’ in time, her pieces are fixed in a forever gesture once fired.

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Martin Pearce

Martin Pearce creates abstract sculptural pieces inspired by natural forms. His work often portrays a state of flux, with the quality of moving water or cloud forms, while other pieces appear as if they could be in quiet contemplation.

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Penny Fowler

Penny Fowler is a London based potter whose work reflects 21st century living in the capital. Using porcelain and bone china clays, her work is characterised by clean, precise lines and forms using a strong palette.

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Geoffrey Swindell

Geoffrey Swindell was born in Stoke-on-Trent. First studying painting, it wasn’t until he took up a summer job at the Pottery at Alton Towers that he decided to follow in the footsteps of his ancestor and become a potter.

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Daniel Boyle

Daniel graduated from the Harrow Studio Ceramics course in 1991, then had a shared workspace space at Kate Malone’s Balls Pond studios in London before returning to work as a technician and studio manager on the Harrow ceramics course. In 1997, he moved to West Wales to set up a studio on a smallholding where he has continued to develop his work and firings for the past 23 years. Daniel exhibits widely across the UK, Europe and internationally.

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Anja Lubach

Anja Lubach grew up in Germany and graduated from the Royal college in 2000. She spent a month on Residency at the German manufacturer Rosenthal where she was free to explore porcelain as creative medium.

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