Upcoming Exhibitions

Featuring an exciting spectrum of work and talent, our monthly exhibitions celebrate the diversity of clay and showcase the current moment in the craft.

Line & Form – Emily Myers, Anna Silverton and Ali Tomlin

13 Feb - 7 Mar

Through this elegant group show, explore how three accomplished women ceramists integrate form and surface. Emily Myers combines well-proportioned forms with meticulously hand-carved finishes; Ali Tomlin creates clean forms enlivened by expressive marks; and Anna Silverton pairs subtly surprising profiles with glazes that accentuate their contours.

Marking Time – Hannah Tounsend

12 Mar - 4 Apr

Hannah Tounsend’s sculptural vessels, merging the practices of ceramics and printmaking, reveal scrupulous order behind each expressive mark. Join us in welcoming this ambitious young artist to the gallery, and in admiring her most recent work – compositions that stand as strong individual artworks and combine as striking group displays.

Paul Philp

9 Apr - 2 May

Paul Philp unites refined classic forms with highly tactile surfaces to create pieces of strong individual identity. Join us in admiring this reputable artist’s most recent collection of work, which recalls ancient artefacts and geological textures and evokes a feeling of serenity.

Lisa Hammond

7 May - 30 May

Lisa Hammond MBE, a pioneer of soda-glaze firing, combines strong uncomplicated forms with tactile surfaces. Come explore this series of individual wheel-thrown vessels – bowls, bottles and jars decorated with brush marks and poured slips and glazes, taking on intriguing depth when fired.

Sue Hanna and Antonia Salmon

4 Jun - 27 Jun

This striking joint exhibition reveals how two ceramists explore geometry and form, harnessing smoke firing to enrich their works. Sue Hanna’s bold vessels bring a contemporary language to historic influences such as tribal art and the abstract figure; Antonia Salmon’s abstract sculptures capture qualities of the natural world, and her more recent work is inspired by poetry.