Modern Classics – Paul Philp

5 Apr - 30 Jun

Paul Philp unites refined classic forms with highly tactile surfaces to create pieces of strong individual identity.

Working from his studio in Bath, he slowly develops these robust, pared-back shapes using coiling, modelling, carving and other hand-building techniques. The vessels are fired no less than four times, with layers of slips and oxides introduced at each stage, to yield subtly eroded and spotted surfaces. Recalling ancient artifacts and geological textures, the works evoke a feeling of serenity.

The works on show reveal the maker’s pursuit of modernising the classic vessel form.

We welcome to our online gallery this reputable and influential ceramist, whose work reflects more than 25 years of evolution and artistry.

Click on the images below for prices and dimensions. For purchase enquiries please email with details of the pieces you would like to order.