Chris Jenkins

With painter parents, Chris inherited artist’s genes and spent three years at Harrogate School of Art followed by three years at Slade School. After the Slade, Chris studied under Bill Newland at the London Institute of Education. He then gained a diploma in Postgraduate Ceramics at Central School in London.  Valuable production experience ensued at Briglin Pottery after his studies. Chris has had a long ceramics teaching career, latterly being head of ceramics at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Chris’s designs stem from his interest in asymmetric constructions, geometric sequences, progressions, and weave patterns. The way the two-dimensional design integrates with the three-dimensional form is of particular concern. Most of his pots are wheel-thrown. The surfaces are developed using sgraffito, masking and resist techniques using a reactive slip under an opaque glaze. All the work is oxidised stoneware fired in an electric kiln.

A recent development is to apply a glaze very thickly over the same slip resulting in a range of heavily cratered textures. He also engraves through the glaze so that when it is fired there is a reaction between the design and the craters, allowing the materials to make their random contribution to the underlying structure.