Warm colours for winter gifting

This winter we’re bringing you a new hand picked collection of Christmas gift ideas each week to help you find the perfect presents for your loved ones.

As the season slips from autumn to winter we’re taking the magical colours we’ve enjoyed from the scenery outside and celebrating the warmth they can bring when brightening a home all year round. Many of our makers are masters of colour and decoration. So, if you know someone who appreciates a bright colour palette and warm tones in their space, we think these pieces will be exactly what you’re looking for.





A fine example of the soda-firing technique from none other than Lisa Hammond herself, this yunomi drinking vessel is a pleasure to hold and a delight to look at. Whether you’re shopping for a tea fanatic or a ceramic collector, it’s sure to go down a treat.

Lisa Hammond


Are you looking to butter someone up?

This wheel thrown butter dish, made in earthenware and hand painted using slip decoration, will sit pride of place on the worktop of any food-lovers kitchen.

Penny Simpson



This Jonathan Chiswell Jones tile is hand painted and decorated with rich colours and a metallic lustre, making it a small, but extra special, piece to be cherished.

Jonathan Chiswell Jones

Destined to stand as a modern statement piece in a stylish home, this tall porcelain vessel displays playful circles across the exposed outer surface while the bold pop of red peeking from its depths makes it really stand out.


Lara Scobie