Simon Olley

Black and Red Dogs Mug SO557Y6

Black and Red Dogs with Oak Leaves Mug

This mug is wheel-thrown with added foot ring and pulled handle. It features bold use of slipped clay, underglaze colour and detailed sgraffito illustration  –  capturing the freedom and spirit of his favoured animal subjects.

£100.00 £90.17 outside the UK PRODUCT CODE:SO557Y6




8 cm


14.5 cm


10.5 cm



Please note: This piece is part of our current exhibition and cannot be collected or delivered until after the exhibition has closed on Saturday 24th February 2024.

About this maker

Simon spent his childhood fishing, drawing, and painting (usually creatures with sharp teeth). His first experience with clay was at the age of nine, throwing on the wheel under the guiding hands of Tessa Oates at Chipstead Craft Studios, later sculpting and modelling. He entered the world of graphic design and illustration, working in London design studios for a decade and then from his home in Kent.