Sally MacDonell

Black Clay Bust 1 SM251X48

This earthenware figure is hand-built using thin slabs and coils of black clay. Oxides are used to accentuate the joins. Coloured slips and engobes are built up in multiple layers to create surfaces with depth and patina.

£3,500.00 PRODUCT CODE:SM251X48




42 cm


25 cm


17 cm



Firing Technique:



Hand Built

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Please note: This piece is part of our current exhibition and cannot be collected or delivered until after the exhibition has closed on Saturday 17th June 2023.

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About this maker

With her figures Sally creates personalities that share a sense of warmth and calm. Drawing from early memories of family gatherings spilling across summer lawns; the quiet intimacy of a confidence shared between sisters; expressions of visual anecdotes carefully collected and stored to later emerge as a figure. The everyday moments of human interaction being elevated from the ordinary into something special.