Ruth King

Bolt RK53Y149

This hand-built stoneware sculptural form conveys contained space in a subtle and powerful way. The surface shimmers with a metallic sheen created by vapours reacting with the piece during firing.

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19 cm


19 cm


6 cm



Firing Technique:

Salt Glaze


Hand Built

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About this maker

Ruth's pots are built using sheets of soft clay, her dedication to the art and process of making, from construction to firing, has given rise to very particular work. Within this particularity lies a thought -provoking tension. While the pots are structured with great intention and tailored to contain space, their formal concerns are softened by an underlying sensuousness, best experienced by the all -important sense of touch. The vapours that caress each piece in the kiln create an inextricable link between the form and the smooth, rich and complex tones that articulate and enhance the pots' surfaces.