Peter Bodenham

bucket form PB490Y140

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This stoneware vessel is a response to flotsam and jetsam found along a section of shoreline in West Wales. This includes both the beauty and pernicious nature of found plastic material, metal paint cans and broken sections of boats. The surface quality of the bucket form also references aspects of British modernist abstract painting. It is hand-built in black clay with engobe glazes layered with colourful gestural marks applied on the outer surface, and dark glossy glazes in the interior of the vessel.





33 cm


22.5 cm


17.5 cm




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Informing and framing his ceramic practice are a range of sources including the processes of walking the coast, swimming along its shore, gathering objects, materials and studying its intertidal ecology and geology. Images, motifs and gestural marks brushed or drawn into the surface of both his functional pots and the sculptural vessels can be seen as direct traces of his phenomenological experience.