Verity Howard

Cage Brook VH540Y15

Over the Fields to Cage Brook

This sculpture is hand-built in white stoneware clay with coloured slips and underglaze. The patchwork-like surfaces highlight the slab construction, and are used as a medium for drawing and monoprinting. Verity is inspired by the landscape, history, and culture surrounding of rural Herefordshire.

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13 cm


12 cm


8 cm




Hand Built

Please note: This piece is part of our current exhibition and cannot be collected or delivered until after the exhibition has closed on Saturday 25th February 2023.

About this maker

Verity is a ceramic artist creating works that explore mystery, trigger memories, generate atmosphere and evoke a sense of place. She makes distinct bodies of work, taking inspiration from the landscape, history, and culture surrounding her in rural Herefordshire. Using clay as a medium for drawing and monoprinting, Verity creates sculptural, slab-built, ceramic forms. It is important to Verity that the form and surface of her work create a harmonious composition and are integral to her subject matter.