Adela Powell

Coprolite Form AP484Y44

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This stoneware sculpture is hand-built. The inherent tactile and textural qualities of the clay is enhanced with many layers of oxides, slips, and glazes.

The Coprolite series were Adela’s last forms and make their inaugural appearance with us. A coprolite is fossilized faeces. They are classified as trace fossils as opposed to body fossils, as they give evidence for the animal’s behaviour (in this case, diet) rather than morphology. Her husband remarked that perhaps this was Adela’s parting subtle joke on life.




8 cm


23 cm


8 cm



Firing Technique:



Hand Built

Please note: This piece is part of our current exhibition and cannot be collected or delivered until after the exhibition has closed on Saturday 25th March 2023.

About this maker

Adela studied the natural sciences and her work reflects a depth of observation of the natural world. Universal patterns, textures, and forms in nature, where science and art are inseparable, were Adela’s constant source of inspiration. She was particularly drawn to fragmentation and erosion, which she attempted to incorporate in her work, allowing fortuitous accidents and influences from the subconscious to enrich the process.