Katie Braida

Large Jade Cloud Vessel KB561Y19

This earthenware vessel is constructed by hand using soft clay coils and slabs. Katie creates textured surfaces based on rhythms and patterns found in the landscape and seascape near her home. Colour is applied with combination of oxides, underglaze, and slip. 

Please note: All work is sculptural and not water-tight.

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Hand Built

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About this maker

Katie studied ceramics as part of her degree in Cheltenham and went on to teach in secondary education specialising in ceramics. Drawn to working with clay from a young age and inspired by the landscape and seascape around where she lives, Katie is particularly influenced by the manmade and natural marks in the environment. She enjoys the nature of the material and the meditative quality of hand building, as well as the malleable quality of clay which retains a sense of the maker’s hand.