Hiro Takahashi

Playful Light

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Playful Light is a hand-built sculpture of a tree on a wooden plinth. It is inspired by Hiro’s fantastical imagination and her love of nature. The blue glazed crown of this tree is pierced with leaf-shaped perforations allowing light to filter through, the trunk covered with creeping vines is decorated with oxides.




26 cm


14 cm


13 cm


Hand Built

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About this maker

Hiro was born in Fukushima, Japan. Due to her father’s work commitments, Hiro had a peripatetic childhood. The constants in her life were her grandmother and being close to nature. However, she was dismayed later on to find that the traditional old buildings from her childhood walks with her grandmother had been knocked down. Driven by sadness and nostalgia at the loss of her childhood environment/world in Japan, Hiro creates a link between the present and the past from her memories and imagination.