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screw threaded jar PD338Y72

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This lidded jar is wheel-thrown in porcelain and is designed with a lid that screws on.  The piece retains the softness of fresh porcelain and is decorated with trailed porcelain slip. Patia uses apple, chestnut or yew tree ash and high fires in a reduction atmosphere which creates a radiant, crackled glaze.




11.5 cm


10.5 cm





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About this maker

Patia studied at Harrow College of Further Education 1986 – 1988 and subsequently spent a further two years at Cardiff School of Art and Design from 1998 – 1990. During her time at Harrow and Cardiff she was tutored by Mick Casson, which after her graduation led to an invitation by Mick and Sheila Casson to join the team at Wobage in 1990. This is where Patia continues to work today in her own workshop making slip decorated earthenware and high-fired ash and feldspathic glazed porcelain.  Patia was made a Fellow of the CPA in 2015, and has exhibited in the UK, Japan and Europe.