Petra Steward

shot beaker PR244Y419

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This diminutive stoneware beaker is hand-built, evolving from clay slabs cut from paper templates which are carefully constructed. The form is decorated using monochrome or colour monoprint and collagraph, slips layered with brushwork, pouring and paper resist, and glaze. Finally, the piece is once-fired to 1300C with salt & soda in a wood-fired kiln.




5.5 cm


5 cm



Firing Technique:

Wood, Salt Glaze, Soda Fired


Hand Built, Slab Built

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About this maker

Petra trained in the South East and then gained a degree at Cardiff before joining Wobage Workshops, South Herefordshire in 1995. She and her husband, Jeremy Steward, also a potter, live on the edge of the Royal Forest of Dean. They were invited to join the Wobage studios as part-time apprentices to Mick and Sheila Casson, a role they maintained until Mick’s death in 2003.