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jar form EW549Y5

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This stoneware jar form is hand-built in black stoneware clay. White slip is applied to the perforated form which is then glazed. Elly’s work is inspired by disused industrial buildings and the memory or echo of the now silent repetitive mechanical processes.




17 cm


9 cm



Firing Technique:



Hand Built, Slab Built

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About this maker

Elly graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2004. Since then, she has exhibited in numerous galleries and craft fairs. She produces work from her garden studio in Hertford.

Elly’s work is hand built using slabs of clay with coloured slips and fired in an electric kiln to 1250 degrees. Textural marks and impressions are also applied during this making process. Repetitive mark making in the surface of the clay discloses a meditative aspect to the construction of her work, but also suggests the mechanical nature of repeated processes employed in industry, such as piercing, riveting, and stamping. Her work is informed by disused industrial buildings, and the sense of unease created by large volumes of empty space.