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Contemporary Ceramics gallery and shop exhibits the greatest collectable names in British ceramics along with the most up and coming artists of today. Our distinguished makers are all carefully selected members of the Craft Potters Association.

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Tuesday – Saturday: 11am – 6pm

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Meet Our Makers

All of our makers are members of the Craft Potters Association and each of them have a story to tell.

Bev Bell-Hughes

When Bev was at art school in the late sixties, her final thesis focused on the relationship between natural forms and clay. However, it was only since 1978 when she moved to Wales, that she developed her work to relate directly to where she lives.

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Tanya Gomez

Tanya Gomez is a celebrated ceramist renown for her porcelain vessels in her signature lustrous colours.

With an MA in Ceramics from the Royal College of Art, Tanya’s process is practice led. Developed from traditional methods and disciplines Tanya has honed her skills over the last 15 years and uses dynamic throwing, cutting and assembling techniques to create large cylindrical shapes. Impactful both individually and as a group, her vessels create expressive, vivid landscapes and fluid, architectural forms.

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Ashraf Hanna

Award-winning artist, Ashraf Hanna works with the vessel to explore relations between profile, line, and space. Using a process of handbuilding, and working with colour and texture, Hanna examines the juxtaposition of sharp lines and soft curves.

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Nigel Lambert
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Ostinelli and Priest

Gaynor Ostinelli and Paul Priest, or Ostinelli & Priest, are well known for their animal sculptures which draw on both domestic and wildlife. Exhibited around the world, their work is represented in numerous galleries, public and private collections in the UK and overseas. The animals they sculpt varies as their subjects, and the demand for the work, expands.

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Duncan Ayscough

Duncan’s fascination with clay began as a child in his parents’ garden. The colour, smell and malleability of the earth led him to discover at school the transformation of clay by heat into a permanent object. As a teenager, Duncan was captivated by seeing his teacher throwing a pot on a kick-wheel, his bedroom posters were images of communist revolutionary heroes and 20th-century studio pottery.

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