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Contemporary Ceramics gallery and shop exhibits the greatest collectable names in British ceramics along with the most up and coming artists of today. Our distinguished makers are all carefully selected members of the Craft Potters Association.

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Meet Our Makers

All of our makers are members of the Craft Potters Association and each of them have a story to tell.

Penny Simpson

From an early age Penny enjoyed playing with clay at home as her mother had a small pottery studio. However, it was not until she lived in Japan in her twenties that she became more seriously interested in making pots.

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Midori Takaki

Her work captures her imaginary life and real life, which overlap.  She used to pretend to live as a ‘normal’ person in society but wildness took over the thin veneer and it consumed her. Once she started making sculpture, all those layers of pretention fell away. She was finally one whole person.

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Ian Byers

Ian was born in Birmingham - a city famous in its past for guns, cars, motorbikes and jewellery: a city of makers. He studied ceramics at the Central School of Art, London. His teachers included Gordon Baldwin and Dan Arbeid who encouraged skills and making of all types, from hand-building to industrial techniques as possible means of artistic expression. Ian’s own teaching and exhibiting in the UK, Europe and the Far East has provided opportunities to produce work as a response to different places and cultures. 

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Eric Moss

Eric creates individual, nest-able sculpture and desktop/wall-mounted tessellated ‘waveforms’ in various scales, bodies and finishes. Often multi-part and at varied scales, each unique sculpture can stand alone or combine with others in manifold display opportunities. Inspiration, from the natural and industrial worlds, has evolved the work into simple geometries which reveal subtle complexities on closer examination.

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Ben Brierley

Ben’s work is mainly hand-built, wheel-thrown and altered using stoneware, porcelain, and high fired earthenware clays. Forms seek to utilise and respond to the malleability of the material with work being altered and assembled while still wet.

The majority of his work relies exclusively on the interaction between ash, clay and fire achieved through extended wood firings in an anagama type kiln. However, recent pieces are exploring the potentials of using earthenware clays to bring out the character and attitude in the work.

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Mandy Cheng

Mandy Cheng’s focus is on porcelain and to make pots that are unique ergonomic forms. Her works are designed to be graceful and minimalist, to conjure a feeling of lightness and a sense of movement.
The signature mesmerizing patterns mimic the vivid diversity of nature. Using the nerikomi method, the patterns are meticulously prepared by repeated cutting and layering of plain and coloured porcelain sheets.

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