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Contemporary Ceramics gallery and shop exhibits the greatest collectable names in British ceramics along with the most up and coming artists of today. Our distinguished makers are all carefully selected members of the Craft Potters Association.

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From Wednesday 14 April our doors are open with precautions in place to keep you as safe as possible when you visit.

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Meet Our Makers

All of our makers are members of the Craft Potters Association and each of them have a story to tell.

Vanessa Bullick

Vanessa's work is influenced by natural patterns, colours and forms found in and beside the sea. Over time Vanessa has developed her own technique of using slip as a resist and for texture to pattern her sawdust fired pots.

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Duncan Ayscough

Duncan’s fascination with clay began as a child in his parents’ garden. The colour, smell and malleability of the earth led him to discover at school the transformation of clay by heat into a permanent object. As a teenager, Duncan was captivated by seeing his teacher throwing a pot on a kick-wheel, his bedroom posters were images of communist revolutionary heroes and 20th-century studio pottery.

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Carol Wainwright

Carol is an artist potter and textile designer based in Yorkshire, England. Her highly individual practice explores the sensuous relationships between form, colour, texture and pattern; often using unexpected combinations of glazes and oxides to create unique and highly durable objects for daily use in the home.

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Ostinelli and Priest

Gaynor Ostinelli and Paul Priest, or Ostinelli & Priest, are well known for their animal sculptures which draw on both domestic and wildlife. Exhibited around the world, their work is represented in numerous galleries, public and private collections in the UK and overseas. The animals they sculpt varies as their subjects, and the demand for the work, expands.

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Margaret Gardiner

Margaret works with light, smooth clay, either porcelain or white stoneware and combines this with the revealing process of vapour glazing. Her work has always had its roots in function and domestic ware.

Victorian architecture, Greek pots, and the sea are influences for her work. She particularly wants to convey the joy she feels when snorkelling. She delights in the colours and patterns of coral and sea creatures. She takes note of patterns when she travels whenever possible.

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Peter Beard

Peter Beard’s work has been exhibited around the world and is represented in numerous museums, public collections and private collections in the UK and overseas. The award winning artist has a contemplative approach to making and spends much of his time sketching out ideas for new pieces.

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