About Contemporary Ceramics

Who we are

Contemporary Ceramics is a gallery and shop located opposite the British Museum in central London. Selling the very best in British studio ceramics, we display the work of over 80 ceramic artists at any one time. Our makers are all members of the Craft Potters Association.

In 2020, we responded swiftly to the Covid lockdown and subsequent enforced closure by launching our own online shop. This has proved to be a popular and easy way to offer ceramics to the customer in the comfort of their own homes. Discover the work of over 200 makers right here Contemporary Ceramics Gallery and Shop

Contemporary Ceramics Centre by Ian Wallman

Maker - Katharina Klug in her studio


About our makers

Distinguished studio ceramicists, our makers display the very best of ceramic skill, technique and ambition. Creating highly collectable work, made to the very best standards in ceramic art, we are proud to sell the unique, hand crafted, pieces by our ceramic artists.

All work on display in the gallery is by makers who are members of the Crafts Potters Association. Each year, a council of management elected from and by the membership chooses and invites new members to join the greatly respected ‘Selected Membership’ group.

Our history

Founded in 1958 our parent organisation, the Craft Potters Association, was a way for potters from across Britain to come together, sharing knowledge, ideas and supporting each other in their growing businesses.

Originally named ‘The Craftsmen Potters Association’ it was widely acknowledged that the term ‘Craftsmen’ was not used exclusively to represent men, rather a term to imply the distinguished, highly skilled, nature of the membership. However, to better reflect the membership it was renamed the Craft Potters Association in 1981. The organisation is also responsible for the publication of the international ceramic magazine Ceramic Review.

Contemporary Ceramics, 1997

Great Russell Street, 2018

The ‘Craftmen Potters Shop’, now Contemporary Ceramics, opened in 1960 and since then the outlet has had several premises across central London. From Carnaby Street to Marshall Street, the shop and gallery is now located on Great Russell Street, directly opposite the British Museum. While the location has changed over the years the essence of the shop remains the same, not least because Gallery Manager, Marta Donaghey, has been running the show for over 30 years.