Please note: This Exhibition has finished

lines in motion

Ashraf Hanna

Thursday 23rd September - Saturday 16th October 2021

Award-winning artist, Ashraf Hanna works with the vessel to explore relations between profile, line, and space. Using a process of handbuilding, and working with colour and texture, Hanna examines the juxtaposition of sharp lines and soft curves. Lines in Motion brings together a collection of new work with an emphasis on the bowl-form.

“I have been enjoying exploring a new series of undulating bowls both in form and colour within the aesthetics of my work, minimalist clean lines that evolve and draw the eye to follow the movement in these exploratory shapes. There are new designs and colour combinations in my Cut and Altered series where I aspire to examine changing design dynamics through limited but carefully considered cuts and interventions.  I also develop my interest in scale and how it influences our relationship with objects, there will be some of the largest vessels have I made on show as well as some of the smallest!” Ashraf Hanna 2021


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