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Colour and Form in Dialogue

Carolyn Genders

Thursday 14th September - Saturday 7th October 2023

Carolyn is a renowned ceramic artist, author and educator, recognized for her unique use of colour and surface. Her works are an energetic transformation of flat surface into physical entities – emotion occupying a space, not just a ‘feeling or memory’. Her inspiration is internal, a conscious analytical series of responses to an ever-expanding matrix of understanding.

With a 40 year career in pottery and work held in collections across the world from the Museum of Modern Ceramic Art in Japan to the Varazdim Museum in Croatia, Carolyn is a prominent UK maker.

Born in Singapore and now living and working on the South coast of England, Carolyn derives the inspiration behind her hand crafted vessels from colours themselves. Citing the world around her alongside the work of artists who use colour as their form of expression, such as Rothko and Giotto, the striking, abstract, decoration of her pieces breathes life into any room.

This newest body of work offers up a bright and instinctive collection of works which are the direct response to a three month residency in France. They denote a new terrain and a time of joyous expression of colour and emotion through paint and brush, now extended into ceramic forms.

Exhibition pieces will be viewable online from Thursday 14th September

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