Please note: This Exhibition has finished

Sally and Alasdair Neil MacDonell

Alasdair Neil MacDonell

Sally MacDonell

Thursday 25th May - Saturday 17th June 2023

Discover the unique and captivating world of Alasdair Neil and Sally MacDonell in their upcoming ceramic exhibition at Contemporary Ceramics.

Alasdair Neil’s work, inspired by decaying industrial architecture and desolate landscapes, features patterns, textures, and forms derived from his vast collection of found objects. His recent pieces showcase the tones of residual paint often found on source objects, while others feature a dry stoneware glaze over metal oxides.

“Why heads? The head is the seat of dreams and imagination” – Alasdair Neil MacDonell

On the other hand, Sally’s spontaneously modelled pieces express familiar, transient moments through pinching and squeezing slabs to form the female body, with visible joins adding to the process and serving as elements of colour in glazing. Experience the connection between the artist and the viewer, prompting a feeling of common humanity in this unique exhibition.

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