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Sandy Brown

Sandy Brown

Thursday 31st March - Saturday 23rd April 2022

Sandy Brown has been making ceramics now for over 50 years and is internationally recognised. After being introduced to ceramics in Japan, Sandy learned there that pots can be dynamic, exciting and free, as well as irregular.

Sandy makes a wide range of ceramics from mugs to large sculptures and architecture, having even made a full-sized building, ‘Temple’. Some of her ceramics are vehicles for painting, for example her dinner plates and platters. The way Sandy works, intuitively and instinctively, means that pieces are entirely unique. Using sgraffito, coloured glazes and oxides, applied with various sizes of brushes and slip trailers, decoration is inspired from nothing else other than the language itself. The painting of each piece leads into the next piece, with no plans or pre-conceived ideas.

“That is so easy once I get going. It is playing, and because I feel so happy when I am feeling free that comes across in the work. The work is joyful, celebratory.” – Sandy Brown

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