Angela Mellor

Angela has been working in bone china since 1991 using traditional slip casting techniques: designing her own models, making plaster moulds, and finally slipcasting translucent pieces. Conventional forms, vessels, bowls and plates retain both their functional identity but also serve as a natural canvas for decoration. Her work develops in series mostly inspired by nature; depending on the decoration each series has its own identity.

Angela has recently developed a more spontaneous approach to decorating, as can be seen in the ‘Symphony’ series, where coloured slips dance around playful “rocking” bowls, drawing the eye inside and out, over and under these rhythmic forms. The most recent ‘Symphony in Red’ seeks to capture the merriment of Christmas.

Angela Mellor BFA (Hons), MA is an elected member of the International Academy of Ceramics, Geneva. She has exhibited in Europe, Asia, Australia and USA. She is represented in public and private collections in China, Japan, Korea, USA, France, Latvia, UK and Australia and her work has been published in many books.