Ania Perkowska

Growing up in communist Poland, Ania’s everyday life was underpinned and surrounded by stark, grey concrete structures – brutal, imposing, and unavoidable. This architecture was raw, substantial and woven into the history and fabric of the country and her upbringing.

Ania’s work finds its foundations in that world, drawing from the same rawness but seeking beauty in the simplicity of form. It has an aesthetic born of opposites, where darkness meets light, rough meets smooth and drabness conceals drama. The tension between surface and form, the ordered and the organic.

She is interested in exploring how restrictions and limitations can inspire creativity, just as in so many other aspects of our lives. By having less choice, we’re encouraged to go deeper, explore what we do have. Simplicity, minimalism, and tactility are the most important aspects of her aesthetics. From a distance, Ania’s work can appear quiet. It is only when one gets closer, when one touches and holds one of her pieces that one gets to see the detail, feel the texture, experience the surfaces.