Anja Lubach

Anja Lubach grew up in Germany and graduated from the Royal college in 2000. She spent a month on Residency at the German manufacturer Rosenthal where she was free to explore porcelain as creative medium. After receiving the Crafts Council development award, she set up a studio in South East London in 2001, where she still works today.

Anja’s work is exhibited and sold in galleries in the UK and abroad. She has been commissioned by the Arts Council and has been involved in a number of creative fine art project collaborations.

Best known for her minimal wheel thrown porcelain vessels, by imprinting translucent relief details on the outer surface she enhances the symmetry of each piece. She also creates small batches of elegant domestic vessels as well as one off sculptural forms.

Her most enduring designs feature 3D faces of a religious Madonna figurine, which has a rich and emotional history. Roses, skull and body part relief is also used to metaphorically represent meaningful subject matters and engage the viewer beyond function and beauty.

“I definitely have a love hate relationship with porcelain. I love it’s pure and unique ability to be translucent. I want objects to look spontaneous, soft and effortless, however my process in combination with porcelain leads to a constant battle of wills between myself and the material.

In every piece I try to achieve perfect imperfection.” – Anja Lubach