Antonia Salmon

Antonia’s ceramic sculptures have been exhibited and held in collections throughout the UK and internationally for over 35 years. She has also worked with interior designers and individuals to complete commissions for corporate, hotel, and home collections. Antonia is a Fellow of the Craft Potters Association.

Inspired by 20th Century sculpture, architecture and prehistoric hand tools her works often explore the themes of containment and holding; others explore the roles of dynamism and stillness within one form. The pieces in her Surge Series, have been inspired by sound; and latterly a series of new works are inspired by poetry.

“Within each work I aim to capture essence, and to break through words. I attempt to express the experience of being in nature: of listening to the wind, the rain and river water; walking through unfolding landscapes; touching rock, lichen, moss; sitting in prehistoric sites.  I want to express the mystery and complexity of the natural world with quietness and strength of form, and a regard for the nature of clay.  I choose this medium because I love working with malleable ‘mud’ towards its leathery firmness which I carve and refine by honing, before hand-burnishing and smoke-firing” – Antonia Salmon