Ben Brierley


Ben studied ceramics at Wolverhampton University and the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, and teaches at Loughborough University’s School of Art and Design in the ceramics department.

Ben’s work is mainly hand-built, wheel-thrown and altered using stoneware, porcelain, and high fired earthenware clays. Forms seek to utilise and respond to the malleability of the material with work being altered and assembled while still wet.

The majority of his work relies exclusively on the interaction between ash, clay and fire achieved through extended wood-firings in an anagama type kiln. However, recent pieces are exploring the potentials of using earthenware clays to bring out the character and attitude in the work.

Ben has dedicated his life to making wood-fired pots. He has numerous articles and a book published on kiln building, kiln firing, wheel-throwing, hand-building, clay and glaze technology. He exhibits extensively both nationally and internationally and is a selected member of the Craft Potters Association of Great Britain.