Carina Ciscato

Carina trained as an industrial designer in Germany and specialised in furniture design. One day she found herself at a ceramic studio near her house. She had a sudden realisation that there was no difference between making a teapot or a chair because it’s all about aesthetics: form, function, balance, and proportion.

Carina had no formal ceramic education and through apprenticeship, short courses, and residencies she has learned and worked with different clays in different parts of the world. She explores the potential and qualities of each clay body, a continuous conversation unfolding between the maker and the material.

She enjoys being true to the process, leaving all the making marks exposed and using a monochromatic palette to emphasise the forms. She also seeks to be true to the material. Carina’s journey started with porcelain because of its openness and purity, adding colour and texture. With each clay she is receptive to the multiplicity of possibilities including texture and contrast. Carina notices an interesting parallel between what we do and how we perceive ourselves. She is always listening and giving herself and her work a space to be.