Carol Sinclair

Carol works from her home studio in rural Angus, with views out to the foothills of the Cairngorm mountains that offer daily inspiration. She is a ceramics graduate of Grays School of Art in Aberdeen and has been running her ceramics studio since 1991. For 15 years she ran her hand made tile studio and gallery in Edinburgh, gradually developing her practice to become an exhibiting artist.

She now makes one-off sculptural vessels and installations inspired by people and places, and in response to specific themes or topics. Carol’s work is carefully crafted with layers of meaning to focus attention on issues that she cares about. Sustainability is an important aspect of her work, and she often incorporates motifs from the natural world into her pieces to stimulate conversations about the environment. Carol has adopted a ‘closed loop’ approach to her practice where she repurposes and recycles as much material as possible from her ceramic production.

Carol hand-builds in white and black porcelain, using her signature inlay technique to add colour, imagery, and pattern.  She works with soft clay slabs to achieve her rounded asymmetric forms, often inlaying different patterns on each side, making the inside as important as the outside. Colours and textures are inspired by the natural environment to remind us to take better care of the world we inhabit.