Diane Griffin

Born and raised in London, Diane graduated with a BA (Hons) in ceramics in 1988. It was during her foundation course in the 1980s that she fell in love with clay. It lit her up, and her lifelong passion began. Initially she was drawn to how immediate, tactile and responsive it was, but it was during her degree at Farnham that she discovered how truly versatile clay is as a creative medium for artistic expression.

Diane’s work is inspired by our human experience in relation to our emotions and the constructs we have evolved to manage them. Religions and cultures across the world have used the elements of the natural world in ceremonies and rituals for millennia, and it is this connection that Diane explores through her poetic sculptures.

Organic earthy forms combine with ones more ordered and refined. Repeated layers of delicate porcelain sheets merge with and emerge from textured and cracking surfaces blending into one united piece. Techniques of hand-building, throwing, and carving are all used to create a variety of surfaces that together create pieces that are rich in texture and contrasts.

Diane has exhibited at many leading shows including London Art Fair and Collect.