Emily Myers

Emily Myers is a studio potter who lives and works in North Hampshire. A happy introduction to ceramics at the age of 12, led her to a lasting love of throwing pots on the wheel.  After completing a degree in Ceramics at Bristol Art School, she was awarded a Craft Council Setting Up Grant in 1990, which enabled her to establish her first studio in London. In the same year, she also became a Fellow of The Craft Potters’ Association.

The wheel is central to Emily’s studio practice. The thrown vessels, domestic in scale, are often carved, faceted and altered, at the leather hard stage, to create new and interesting shapes and surface textures. Round vases are painstakingly carved with precise swirling stripes; domed forms are cut off their bases to transform into ‘rocking pots’; faceted bottles lean together in pairs.

Emily’s well-proportioned and distinctive vessels, have evolved over the years, taking in diverse influences. A new shape may be inspired by the natural geometry of a seed-head or the precision of a metal cog.

Emily mostly works with a red stoneware clay that fires to a rich dark brown, with iron speckles showing through the glaze. She occasionally works with porcelain as the white body is ground for wonderful bright glazes. Most of the glazes contain barium and copper, a combination which give rise to interesting matt green glazes in an electric kiln.