Emma Lacey

Emma’s ceramics practice is built on notions of what is known as Emotionally Durable design. She uses the making language of ceramics and a design sensibility to make work which is contemporary and relevant over time.

Emma’s functional tableware is ergonomic and tactile both in terms of physical and aesthetic texture. It is this tactility which drives every new design from the contrasting glossy and satin-matt glaze surfaces seen in the Rainbow range to the manipulated thrown forms of the Everyday range.  Most work is hand-thrown using a very fine stoneware body in order to exploit its plasticity, throwing very thin and manipulating form, whilst having enough stability to avoid warpage at high temperature.

Though shape and form are the initial drivers for each piece during the design process, Emma is playful with colour and uses a wide variety of stains and oxides to explore larger installations of mugs for exhibitions.

Emma works from her studio in North London and is also a senior lecturer in Ceramic Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London.