Fiona Thompson

Since graduating from Edinburgh College of Art in 1994, Fiona has been making ceramics in the UK, later returning to study at the University of Sunderland and gained an M.Phil in 2010. This practice-based research focused on tourism, photography and the souvenir, and has informed various series of her work.

Fiona’s focus is mainly on hand built ceramic vessels, with multiple layered surfaces. They combine traditional and contemporary processes.  Pieces are first usually coiled or slab built, then painted and printed with coloured slips. They often incorporate incised lines, lino-printed or mono-printed imagery. They are then glazed. Decals are applied- these are made from her drawings and photographs, with metal lustres used on some.

Work is made in series exploring different themes. The focus is on one form at a time and variations explored within it: usually a very familiar and everyday object or vessel. Fiona’s aim is to create work that encourages the viewer to think and interpret in their own way.