Graham Williamson

Graham’s interest in ceramics began at York School of Art in the 1960s and continued at Cardiff College of Art, graduating from there in 1971. He later worked at both colleges as a ceramics technician and having retired in 2009, Graham established a workshop in Gloucestershire.

His work comprises of mainly bowls, vessels and lidded forms and all are made with precision and detail which utilize the inherent refinement lent by porcelain. The pieces are thrown, turned and fired to 1260/80 in an electric kiln. After years of working with reduction glaze and firing in a gas kiln, Graham changed to oxidized firing, which he feels gives the work a more contemporary feel. Clarity of form and technical proficiency are important elements in the work and have always resonated strongly with him.

“I particularly enjoy the turning process at the leather hard stage to refine the forms and to produce pieces which have clean lines and strong profiles.”