Hyejeong Kim

Hyejeong Kim’s work is rooted in the history of Chinese, Korean and Japanese ceramics yet influenced by modern ceramics of the United Kingdom.

A finalist of the Loewe Craft Prize 2020, and twice winner of The Evening Standard Homes & Property Award – Best Domestic Product – at Chelsea Crafts Fair, Hyejeong is a well-established artist whose work is widely celebrated.

The wheel-thrown nature of her work yields organic forms, which she appropriately likens to the blossoming flowers or maturing of fruits. When not in the studio, this accomplished artist has lectured internationally for almost 20 years, with a PhD in Ceramic Art from Tokyo University of Arts. She is currently Assistant Professor in the Ceramics Department at Ewha Womans University, Korea.

“When I see my pots taking on organic shapes, they remind me of the similarities between the skin/pods and my pots. They divide the outside from the inside but allow both sides to communicate. The skin can be a metaphor for memories.” – Hyejeong Kim