Jack Doherty

Jack has two major strands to his ceramic portfolio: hand-thrown porcelain vessels and his stoneware domestic range. Over time, he has developed and forged his own unique way of making.

With his distinctive hand-thrown porcelain vessels, Jack has honed his craft skills to working with one clay, one colouring mineral and one single firing technique. Within this simple but richly complex way of fine tuning his practice, he has found his singular creative focus. His firing technique is unique, where the space within the kiln is used creatively.

Referring to his domestic stoneware work, Jack comments that our homes are now world cafés with libraries of cookbooks connecting us with world cultures and a fusion of global ideas about sharing, serving and presenting food. His functional range combines contemporary design with traditional processes and materials. They are for everyday use and inspired by journeys and travels both real and imagined. These pots have a sense of vitality and generosity, a bold simplicity of form and distinctive soda-fired surfaces.

Designing and making have shaped Jack’s life; he has gained a respected reputation at an international level and his work is represented in several key public collections in Ireland, UK, Europe and Japan.