Jaeeun Kim

Jaeeun Kim is a South Korean ceramic artist working in London. She began her artistic career in ceramics and art therapy. After earning a Masters degree in Ceramic Art from Kyunghee University in South Korea, she worked as a ceramic artist, university lecturer, and art therapist for disabled children.

To deepen her understanding of art therapy, Jaeeun pursued another postgraduate degree in Applied Psychology at Salford University in Manchester, UK. Her practice includes hand-made fine stoneware vases and unique objects, as well as slip cast porcelain vases. Her artworks are rooted in art therapy, a form of psychotherapy that encourages free self-expression through painting, drawing, modelling, or other diagnostic activities. One of the key tests in art therapy is the HTP (House-Tree-Person) test, which helps uncover a person’s hidden emotions and internal conflicts. Jaeeun’s artworks prominently feature HTP objects, symbolizing her exploration of these hidden aspects. Her vases depict the ‘journey back home,’ adding a personal and introspective dimension to her work.