Jaejun Lee

Jaejun Lee is a Korean ceramicist based in the UK. After completing both his BFA and MFA at Seoul National University, he moved to the UK from South Korea in 2018 on a Tier 1 ‘Exceptional Talent’ visa from the Arts Council England. He specialises in porcelain and makes both artistic and functional ware. Jaejun aims to communicate a message of functionality and beauty through his work. He wishes for the objects to enrich and enhance people’s everyday lives.

With meticulous attention to detail, he attempts to focus on all parts of the making of his wheel-thrown pieces, placing exceptional care towards areas that may often be unnoticed, including spending innumerable hours polishing each piece.

Technical skill is essential in his work, but it is not an end in itself. Rather, it is about the attitude towards the process of making and the attitude in the usage of the pots in our everyday lives.

Jaejun wishes for his audience to observe his work in an environment of tranquillity, focusing on the shapes and textures of the surface. He hopes that that in this atmosphere, they will be embraced in the heart.