Jane Muende

Jane completed a foundation course at Chelsea School of Art, before obtaining a Fine Art degree at Winchester School of Art. She works in paper porcelain, a sensitive medium.  The malleable, translucent yet robust qualities of the combination of clay and paper enables her to construct and hand build. Rolling the clay eggshell thin, tearing and pushing it to its limits to the final firing, Jane is entirely absorbed by the process of making.

Each piece is hand-built and meticulously hand sanded after bisque firing, to create a smooth blank surface on which to draw.  Drawn to working in monochrome, Jane aims for a balance of simplicity of line, pattern and the interrelation of the pieces.  She works intensively, with each brushstroke carefully applied on the clay. Her pieces are non-functional; by grouping her bottles together, interplaying with size, height and pattern, moving and repositioning them, they become a still life composition or ‘family’.

“Drawn to working in monochrome, I aim for a balance of simplicity of line, pattern and the interplay of the pieces.”