Jane Seymour

Jane was born to a family of artists, creatives and potters. Growing up in the Suffolk countryside, her upbringing was unconventional. With little formal education, Jane left school early and entered a life of art, in keeping with family tradition.

In 1994, Jane moved to County Clare in Ireland where she built a house and ceramic studio. Surrounded by the rugged landscapes and wild nature of the West of Ireland, some of her spare time is spent observing and sketching, in particular the dynamics of a particular community of crows living on the coast; fascinated by their individual characters and behaviour patterns she often portrays them in her work.

Jane makes slab-built bowls and forms, with surface decoration inspired by her interest in birdlife and the human form, working from her studies and life drawings. She draws and engraves directly onto the surface of the unfired clay, applying layers of oxides and stains which are re-applied between firings.

Jane is a selected member of the Crafts Potters Association.