Jennifer Hall

Jennifer graduated from Cardiff Institute of Higher Education back in 1994, followed by work as a thrower and decorator for Gwili Pottery, Carmarthen. Jennifer set up her first pottery in 1997 in Buckinghamshire, later in 2001 she moved to Llanwrthwl, Powys to establish her successful studio.

Drawn to earthenware for its warmth of colour and softness of edge. Jennifer throws domestic ware in small batches on a geared kick wheel, her pots are then decorated with slips and oxides using a combination of slip trailing, brushwork and sgraffito techniques. Jennifer’s ongoing aim is to develop a comprehensive range of pots that enliven the daily rituals surrounding food & drink, her pots do not challenge but give comfort, they appeal to the eye, sit comfortably in the hand and are gentle on the lips, enriching meal times.

In May 2018, Jennifer and her family moved to the north coast of Pembrokeshire. Here she continues to make slip decorated earthenware pottery, that sits well in both contemporary and rustic settings. Her work is exhibited and admired throughout Britain and Japan.