Jim Malone

Jim Malone has been making pots for over forty years, gradually establishing an international reputation. Having exhibited widely over many years, both in Britain and abroad, Jim’s work is represented in numerous private and public collections, including York Museum and Art Gallery and the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

Eschewing electric wheels, Jim works on a light oriental type kick wheel which demands sensitivity in use but, in return, allows a more intimate, expressive contact with the material. The clay is coaxed and, somewhere within the wheel’s silent, hypnotic rhythm, his pots are ” born”.

Jim’s glazes are made up from, granites, wood ashes, clays and silts which are gathered from the surrounding area in Cumbria and processed at the pottery. These unrefined materials have greater character than their industrial counterparts, although some materials that are not available any other way have to be bought. By creating in this way, the pots are a true expression of the place in which they are made, indigenous and unique.

Jim’s kiln is a two chambered Japanese climbing kiln with a capacity of 100 cu. Ft. It is fired with oil and wood, the fly ash from the latter enhancing both glaze and body. Of the kiln Jim says, “It is an idiosyncratic beast but I have come to see it as a partner and have grown used to its vagaries, hot and cool spots and variations in atmosphere, and am able to make creative use of them.”