Jin Eui Kim

Jin Eui Kim is an internationally renowned ceramic artist. Originally from South Korea, he now lives and works in Cardiff, UK.

Whilst at Cardiff School of Art & Design, Jin Eui studied the illusory effects of the application of tonal bands to three-dimensional surfaces. He graduated with an MA and PhD in Ceramics.

Extensive exploration of tonal effects and spatial illusions through using gradient in tone, width of bands and interval between bands is Jin Eui’s passion. This results in works that are both visually and intellectually challenging. The majority of Jin Eui’s work is created by wheel-throwing forms, then applying engobes onto the bisque-fired surface by brush. He has created eighteen tones which are made by adding black stain to the basic engobe. To achieve the variation of graduated tones, the firing temperature is set at 1120ºC through experiments. Each of the engobes is ball milled to finely grind the combination of clay, stain, and flux in water in order to eliminate the appearance of speckles and to obtain the fine quality of the surface.

Industry and artistic recognition has led to multiple awards, exhibitions, and work held in private and public collections both in the UK and internationally.