Josefina Isaza

Josefina is a Colombian born ceramicist living and working in London. She gained a BFA in crafts from The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, under the guidance of world-renowned potter, James Makins.

Josefina continued at Uarts as an artist-in-residence, and then travelled to Tokoname, Japan for a further residency at Kyouei-Gamma!. She had the good fortune to be taught by many ceramic masters, allowing her to embody the freedom, and spontaneity she observed in their practice.

Over the years, she has developed her own style largely influenced by Japanese contemporary aesthetics, concepts of imperfect beauty, and close observation of nature.

‘As a ceramic artist, I am highly conscious of my spatial environment in relation to my material, and often immerse myself in its meditative qualities. This in turn is conveyed in the work and creates a highly visual and tactile surface informed by my love for nature and fine detail. I intend to provoke multiple sensory modalities, and thus spark a curiosity in the viewer. My work demonstrates how visual stimuli can be achieved by grouping single elements to form a larger gestalt whole, as reflected throughout nature.’