Kate Schuricht

Kate studied 3D Design at the University of Brighton. After graduating, she participated in an international ceramic residency in Japan where she worked alongside established Japanese, Korean, and American artists. On her return, Kate set up her ceramic studio in London where she worked for nearly ten years. She now works from her garden studio in Kent making raku and stoneware pieces.

Kate’s ceramics are made in pursuit of a sense of peace and tranquillity. The passage of time and the ability of objects to connect us with our past are constant sources of inspiration for her work in clay.

Her signature bound containers, with their permanently secured lids, seek to capture time and suspend us in a sense of on-going mystery. Grouped together, her pieces become like fragments of a landscape. Abstracted elements of water, horizons, or rock echo the smoke and flames of raku.

Kate has exhibited internationally since 1996, with a major show at Blackwell in 2008. Her work has been purchased for private and public collections, including British Airways, The British Embassy in St Petersburg and The Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool. In 2013, she was commissioned by the Director of The Ibaraki Museum in Japan to make 3 major installations encompassing over 150 pieces for the Cheongju International Craft Biennale in Korea.