Kerry Hastings

With both of her parents being artists, Kerry’s childhood was surrounded by paintings, sculpture, and architecture. They had a potter friend and spent quiet hours in her studio. Kerry went on to gain a BA Hons Ceramics at University of Westminster.

Kerry is inspired by the making process itself, using clay as a way of exploring her relationship to the world as a maker.  She seeks creative strategies analogous to those found in nature such as growth, metamorphosis, and fragmentation.

Sculptures are built by hand using the pinch and coil technique, stretching and pushing the clay out and guiding it in again until the forms begin to develop their own dynamic and a certain trajectory is suggested. She builds until the form has an emotional quality, a resonance, is relatable and the more complicated the geometries become, the more energetic and dynamic the piece. Through the deliberate use of forms that resonate with generosity, sensuality, fullness and humility, Kerry encourages the viewer to forge deeply personal relationships. The bulges and hollows of the forms invite touch, and it is this primal connection, inherent in ceramic form, that possesses the power to mirror our shared human narrative, transcending the boundaries of politics, culture, or history.