Mandy Cheng

Mandy Cheng’s focus is on porcelain and to make pots that are unique ergonomic forms. Her works are designed to be graceful and minimalist, to conjure a feeling of lightness and a sense of movement.

The signature mesmerizing patterns mimic the vivid diversity of nature. Using the nerikomi method, the patterns are meticulously prepared by repeated cutting and layering of plain and coloured porcelain sheets. This hands-on approach ensures every pattern is unique and unrepeatable. Being creative and technically minded, Mandy uses her skills to overcome the combined challenges of the natural fragility of porcelain, the complex nerikomi method, and the difficulty of hand-building thin porcelain works.

Mandy graduated with a degree in science, majoring in chemistry. While working, she began her part-time education in ceramics, learning and practising in different studios under the teaching of different ceramic artists. In 2000, Mandy stopped working in the commercial field to have her own studio and become a full-time ceramic artist.