Matt Horne

Matt Horne began his career in ceramics with training at Aylesford Pottery in Kent, where he developed his technical skills in production throwing, before going on to set up his own workshop near Folkestone in 2008.

Experimentation with different clays and more complex glazes led him to crystalline glaze in 2009, which he has been working with for over 10 years. All of Matt’s work is hand thrown in porcelain on the potter’s wheel and finished with crystalline glaze. Crystalline is a complex glazing process in which zinc silicate crystals form in the glaze during the firing, making every piece completely unique. His recent work has focused on developing new colour combinations using techniques such as coloured slips, post-fire reduction and acid etching to achieve new, contemporary finishes.

Matt enjoys pushing the boundaries of form with his elegant and distinctive wheel-thrown bottle forms and vases, which are complemented by the stunning colour combinations in his crystalline glazes. He is acknowledged as being one of the finest ceramicists working with crystalline glazes internationally, travelling to Florida in 2016 to host a workshop on his throwing and glazing processes.