Matthew Chambers

Matthew Chambers specialises in ceramic sculptures constructed of multiple sections built on the potter’s wheel. Finished with integral colour, unglazed but polished, each piece expresses an abstract beauty through its formal qualities of depth, pattern, and repetition.

Beginning his career in 1993, as an assistant potter to Philip Wood in Somerset, UK, Matthew went on to gain a 1st class degree from Bath School of Art, and a Masters from the Royal College of Art in London, graduating in 2004. Now working on the Isle of Wight, his work has been exhibited worldwide including the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Royal Academy of Arts in London, the World Ceramic Centre, Korea and Homo Faber in Venice. Matthew’s work is also held in many public and private collections worldwide with museums including The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, the National Museums Scotland, the Musee Ariana in Geneva, and the Sévres Museum Paris.

“An early training in production ceramics gave me a passion for the making process and is still the driving force behind the creation of my sculptures. Then through my education, practice and persistence I have developed a unique method with an aim of utilising the versatility of clay to its potential, which is essential for creating the individual character of the work. “ – Matthew Chambers