Nicola Werner

Nicola’s pottery is the culmination of 35 years making ceramics since studying Painting at Central School of Art and training at Aldermaston Pottery with Alan Caiger-Smith. She continues to work in tin-glaze, having perfected six main colours from vibrant coral and yellow through vivid greens and blues to soft purples. Her brushwork designs are inspired by the natural world, predominantly leaves, flowers, fruits and birds also sea creatures that all dance over the pearl white surface.

Working in the European majolica tradition, her clay comes from San Sepolcro in Italy but is fired to 1060c for extra durability. Nicola is a meticulous, fine thrower of comfortably handled mugs, jugs that pour well also bowls and plates that stack neatly.

“I began throwing pots at school where luckily Mo Jupp and his wife taught – a fantastic start and I was smitten with ceramics quickly. Painting was an extra turn at art college and has stood me in good stead for decorating tin glaze; one day there may be a moment to paint canvases again. For now, I endlessly enjoy the alchemy of smooth clay from the earth, fashioned into colourful, patterned vessels that provide daily pleasure. We potters are lucky to be so grounded – it makes for a calm existence which we all need more than ever these days.”